Re: Apparent Error

Dale M. Wheeler (
Thu, 03 Oct 1996 10:49:31 -0700

Erick Allen wrote:

>I have found what seems to be an error in the original database for the LXX
>used in the Bible Windows program. I think the same database is probably
>used by other software companies as well. I have written Bible Windows
>about the error, but I wonder if there is anyone else I should notify?
>The apparent error is in Exodus 14:11, second word. The computer database
>reads eipen, whereas the mss read eipan. I do not know of any mss evident
>for the variant so it must be a typo in the computer database. You may want
>to check your software and make a note of it.


And anyone else...

I'm the one who is currently doing the correction/update/etc/etc/etc to the
MorphLXX (as well as the MorphBHS and GRAMCORD GNT), so you should forward
any problems you find to me.

None of the software vendors are authorized to make changes to the databases
without permission of the copyright holders; their basic agreements are that
they will forward such changes to the copyright holders for evaluation and

Consequently, you and others who are making informal suggestions should
probably do it to me (and CC: to Al Groves for the MorphBHS and
Bernard Taylor and/or Bob Kraft for the MorphLXX) for the most immediate
evalutation and implentation...since I'm right in the middle of updating
those texts.

BTW, thanks for the help....


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