Re: Eph 5:18

Eric Weiss (
Thu, 3 Oct 96 7:28:23 -24000

Dan Wallace in his BEYOND THE BASICS grammar has an interesting discussion on
Eph 5:18. If I recall what he says correctly (my book is at home and it's
6:30 in the morning and I haven't had my coffee yet!), he argues based on
other verses that this is a dative of means, and then explains that the agent
is Christ (he also has a lengthy discussion on dative of agency vs. dative of
means) and the content is God--i.e., Be filled (with all the fullness of God--
Eph 3:18) by means of (Christ using the) Spirit (to fill you). Note the

You (agent) by (means of) wine get (yourself) drunk
Christ (agent) by (means of) the spirit fills you with God

I believe that's the point he makes. Certainly a different view from most.
I'm not saying I agree, but his argument is worth reading and thinking about.