Jon Taylor (jtaylor@UGF.EDU)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 06:40:52 -0600

SBL-CARG has two sessions at the AAR/SBL New Orleans covering Saturday
afternoon. The first features tools and applications, and includes an
AAR member demonstrating a multi-media teaching tool he has developed.
Are there any AAR RESEARCH applications out there? Our second session
involves a panel, and inquires after the future: what directions is or
can or should computer assisted research go? Both these sessions are in
the Sheraton, Salon 828 -- our wish for a secure, quiet are now
We are also cosponsoring two sessions. On Sunday afternoon, the Biblical
Lexicography Consultation's session, also in S-828, engages further on
texts and standards. Then on Monday afternoon, The Bible as Electronic
Text will be the focus of the Bible in Ancient and Modern Media Group &
Semitoics and Exegesis Section. This session will be in Sheraton

PLEASE NOTE that our business meeting is scheduled for 6:10 PM on
Saturday in S-828. Send proposals for the business meeting agenda to me
(off list, of course). Among items of continuing concern: The balance of
teaching applications (which are more popular) to research applications
(the steering committee's main concern) for sessions; identifying the
leading edge of research applications (and who is doing them) for CARG's
attention in sessions; proposals for 1997 San Francisco sessions.

On this last point, I invite anyone who has an idea or a proposal for
the 1997 meeting to send it to me before 20 November (again, off list).
Also useful (especially from steering committee members) would be
suggestions of a) topics and b) people for '97. (As you may be able to
tell, I'd like to have the 1997 meeting pretty well under control before
we leave New Orleans.)

J. Taylor