Re: Step up from Interlinear

Ellen Adams (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:42:37 -0700

lars wrote:
>>>I'm getting to the point where I find reading from a
>>>interlinear to be a hindrance rather than a help.
>>>What recommendations are there for a text that is
>>>comfortable to read on an ongoing basis ?

Nichael wrote:
>Well, if you want to jump all the way in, the obvious next choice
would be
>one of the "standard" pocket editions, the UBS4 or the NA27.
>On the other hand, an interesting "intermediate" step you might
consider is
>the Fribergs' _Analytical GNT_ (Baker, 1981 --this is published in
>conjuction with their _Analytical Concordance[s] of the GNT_). Under
>word is a small siglum showing a "grammatical analysis" of the word.
> N-GM-P [= Noun, Genitive, Masculine, Plural]

The Friberg's is indeed Analytical. If you are strong in vocabulary,
weak on parsing, and like to analyse things carefully, the Friberg is
great. The Perschbacher is designed for those who have learned (or are
learning) the 50+ frequency vocabulary, can parse on an intermediate
level, and want to work on speed and comprehension.

Personally, I prefer a plain NT because it's light and easy to use. For
churning through large portions at a time the Pershbacher is really
handy. I use Friberg only for reference when I want to study specific
passages carefully. If I were just beginning to wean myself from an
Interlinear, of the three I think would prefer the Perschbacher.