Re: Reading the classics to improve fine-tuning

Rod Decker (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 07:47:57 -0400

>classical Greek: Smythe or Goodwin-Gulick (recently reprinted in
>paper-back). I don't have it at hand (I'm writing this at home and the book
>is in my office), but there is an excellent little paperback produced by
>two Italian scholars that analyses 14,000 verb forms (all of simple verbs,

I'd be interested in the bibliog. info on "Italian scholars" volume; I've
not seen that one before and I doubt our reference librarian would say that
I had enough info to identify it!

As to Goodwin, I found the info on the reprint in Books in Print ($25; 1992
reprint by W H Allen Booksellers, UK [Carol Publishing Group, NY]), but it
lists it as a reprint of the 1890 edition of _Syntax of Moods and Tenses_.
My 1890 edition says nothing about "Gulick." Is there a later revision? Or
is there also a reprint of his _Greek Grammar_ (which I do not have). Any
info would be appreciated.

In regard to Edgar's comments re. reading Greek outside the NT, I much
appreciate the summary. Next semester I've been assigned to teach "Survey
of Greek Literature." This will be the first foray outside the NT for
seminary-level students, most of whom will have had two years of study at
this point (some perhaps only a semester and a half). Since this is the
first time that I've taught this class, I'd welcome suggestions from those
who have taught in this area. My thoughts were to start the semester with
some material from Luke-Acts and Hebrews, then move to the LXX, and then
spend the second half of the semester in the Apostolic Fathers, etc.


Rodney J. Decker, Asst. Prof./NT Baptist Bible Seminary Clarks Summit, PA