Re: Reading the classics to improve fine-tuning

Lindsay J. Whaley (
25 Oct 96 08:37:00 EDT

--- Rod Decker wrote:
but there is an excellent little paperback produced by
>two Italian scholars that analyses 14,000 verb forms (all of simple verbs,

I'd be interested in the bibliog. info on "Italian scholars" volume; I've
not seen that one before and I doubt our reference librarian would say that
I had enough info to identify it!
--- end of quoted material ---

I think the book being referred to is "Tutti i Verbi Greci" by N. Marinone.
There is an English friendly version as well:

Marinone. N. 1985. All the Greek Verbs (Tutti i Verbi Greci). London:

Lindsay Whaley
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