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Shikai Ronnie Poon (
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 11:40:29 +0000

On 16 Oct 96 at 7:58, Stephen C. Carlson wrote:

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> Now, as for a place which is not nicely written (from a grammatical
> perspective), and one which has been bothering me, is Mk16:6
> We have IDE, singular, apparently spoken to three women (the
> imperative in v7 is plural). Why is TOPOS nominative instead of
> accusative as the direct object? I suppose that IDE could be use
> absolutely, with an implicit ESTIN for the rest of the fragment:
> "See, [it is] the place where they laid him." Nevertheless, this
> can't be a specimen of good Greek.

This seems to me a sign of someone using Greek as a second language.
It can be "good" in the sense that it is grammatically possible, but
definitely not natural.
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