Acts 1:1 - WN: what kind of genitive?

Jonathan Robie (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 12:44:47 -0500

What kind of genitive is used for hWN in hWN HRXATO hO IHSOUS in Acts 1:1?
Here's the text:

Acts 1:1 (GNT) Ton men prwton logon epoihsamhn peri pantwn w Qeofile wn
hrxato o Ihsous poiein te kai didaskein



P.S., Zerwick seems to see significance in the order, POIEIN TE KAI
DIDASKEIN, but I found this same order in Mark 6:30, so I did a search of
the GNT, and based on the few hits I found, I think this might be a fixed
expression. Just as English tends to say "the things he said and did" rather
than "the things he did and said", it looks like the Greek tends to say
"poiein kai didaskein". Is this valid?
Jonathan Robie
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