Re: Acts 1:1 - hWN: what kind of genitive?

Himilcon Carvalho (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 08:26:53 -0200

Someone wrote:
>>I first thought of the relative attracted to its antecendent, but since
>>PANTWN is an adj. and is frequently used with the relative in the NT
>>(especially Luke), I considered that Luke simply had let the vocative
>>intrude stylisticly here.
>>See Luke 3:19 PERI PANTWN hWN, Acts 3:21, Acts 10:39, Acts 13:38 APO
>>PANTWN hWN, Acts 22:10 PERI PANTWN hWN, Acts 26:2 PERI PANTWN hWN,
>>Gal. 4:1.

Although I'm a "very little Greek", I dare remark that
in Luke 3,19, it seems that PANTWN is not an adjective but a substantive
(like TA PANTA=all, everything),
and it must be in the genitive because the preposition PERI (which means
here "because of "+ genitive).
The relative pronoum is in accordance with the case of the noum (PAS) it
is related to.