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>>As a Greek word, BAPTIZW is used without the necessity of translation
>>by the Greek Orthodox Church. I believe they have BAPTIZED infants
>>and adults from the year dot down to the present day. Why not answer
>>the question by observing what they do? My impression is that in the
>>Greek Orthodox Church, BAPTISMA is, and always has been, by total
>>immersion, whether infants or adults. I am not absolutey sure,
>>however. Perhaps someone from that Communion can tell us if this is
>>truly so?


>I am not Orthodox, but I have gone to Romania (where Romanian
>Orthodox is predominate) many times. They do indeed immerse,
>in fact, they do it three times: once for the Father, once for the
>Son,and once for the Holy Spirit.


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Thanks. I have also discovered from a friend of mine who occasionally
attends the Greek Orthodox church in Cambridge (UK) near where I live,
that the Greek Orthodox Church does BAPTIZW (without translating the
word, since it uses Greek in its services) infants and adults by total
immersion, and claims always to have done so from the year dot. So to
the Greek-speaking Greek Orthodox, BAPTIZW means just that.

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