Re: Eph 5:18ff

David L. Moore (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 12:49:34 -0500

At 08:22 AM 10/30/96 -0500, FRED HALTOM wrote:

>I'm new to this list and would like to say Christian greetings. One
>question, what PC Greek font works well? I'm a MAC man, and
>Central Bible College here in Springfield put PCs in our offices-
>where I'm at now. Thanks for any help.

Thank you for your greeting, and welcome to b-greek!

I realize it must be traumatic for "a MAC man" to change over to a
Windows platform, but I hope you find some applications you like so as to
make the changeover worthwhile.

There are a number of Greek fonts available for Windows. Some of
them are freeware, and some shareware or retail software. From time to
time, on b-greek, I have recommended WinGreek which is shareware and may be
downloaded and tried before purchase.

WinGreek has one signal advantage over other Greek font packages for
Windows that I have tried: it allows an easy way of entering accents and
other diacritical marks. The fonts come with a terminate-and-stay-resident
(TSR) program that allow these marks to be entered automatically (a single
keystroke per mark) by most Windows word processors. Other pluses are an
included program that can convert CCAT Greek files to the WinGreek format, a
Hebrew font with capacity to enter text from right to left, and the ability
to enter accents for other foreign languages with the same TSR program that
correctly places the Greek diacriticals.

The quality of the output to a laser or inkjet printer is crisp and
well proportioned, and since Postscript (Type 1) and True Type are both
supported, text in the WinGreek font may be integrated into any Windows
document that supports multiple fonts.

David Moore

David L. Moore Director
Miami, Florida, USA Department of Education Southeastern Spanish District of the Assemblies of God