Eph 5:18ff

FRED HALTOM (haltom@cbcag.edu)
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 08:22:56 -0500

The circumstanial participles are best seen as modal rather than
instrumental. The means of being filled with the Spirit throughout
Scripture is faith and obedience. However, how the Spirit filled
life is expressed is the point of this passage. Being filled with
the Spirit is necessary to "become imitators of God" (5:1). This
imitation is expressed by the participles of vv 19 - 21 and thus are

Another note regarding the participle in 5:21. Is HUPOTASSOMENOI a
part of the sentence being in 5:18, or is the 4UBS correct in
beginning a new sentence with it. As such this last participle of
your question, is now the imperatival use of the participle, "Submit
to one another in the fear of Christ..." and so verse 22 ellipsis takes its
missing verb from HUPOTASSOMENOI.

I'm new to this list and would like to say Christian greetings. One
question, what PC Greek font works well? I'm a MAC man, and
Central Bible College here in Springfield put PCs in our offices-
where I'm at now. Thanks for any help.

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