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David M. Scholer (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 17:19:35 -0800 (PST)

To: Andrew Kulikovsky

The NIGTC series now has eight volumes (the latest is that of James D. G.
Dunn on Colossians and Philemon), which cover 12 of the NT texts. In my
judgment this is an important and very good series, although -- like all
series -- the quality does vary. Without commenting on all the volumes, I
would say that the ones on Luke, Galatians, Philippians and
Colossians-Philemon are especially strong. If I am not mistaken, this
series will also have a volume (or two volumes) on the Apostolic Fathers,
which should be a significant and useful contribution.

I do not know, Andrew, where you are in your work with the NT Greek text,
but I assume it would be clear that no one of us should ever limit
ourselves to one or even just a few commentaries when doing serious work.
Yet, "great" commentaries are a blessing and help....

David M. Scholer
Professor of New Testament
Fuller Theological Seminary
Pasadena, CA

On 6 Nov 1996, KULIKOVSKY, Andrew wrote:

> Fellow Greeks,
> I saw in the latest CBD catalogue that EERDMANS is
> publishing a series called NEW INTERNATIONAL
> The series looks like it is only half complete though.
> Has anyone had a look at these? What are they like?
> Are they any good?
> Praises or criticisms anyone?
> cheers,
> Andrew
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