Mr. Timothy T. Dickens

Carl W. Conrad (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 10:13:24 -0500 (EST)

Dear Carlton,

Thanks for trying! I thought long and hard before posting
that note to the list instead of to him only, and evidently I made a
mistake of dimensions I'm not quite sure about. I was careful to remove the
cc's to those
other lists, a least. I do know that although these latest items were not
as annoying as his earlier attempts to drag the list into his
correspondence with Brother Akbar, the absence even of a remote relevance
to our list's questions seemed to me worth saying something about. He's
evidently not deterred readily, even if he did feel publicly embarrassed to
the point of tears, if I read him rightly. So he's come right back with the
same request about where to find the Gospel of Thomas which he ought to be
able to find in the volume of Nag Hammadi texts he claims to have. So he's
sensitive enough to be embarrassed, but not sensitive enough to avoid
embarrassing other people.

I can only read between the lines, but my impression is that Tim is a very
bright young black man who has graduated from Columbia in New York but now
is back in an isolated southern locale with limited means of pursuing any
scholarly ambitions--and also without the social skills to pursue his
education without butting heads with other people. If anything is to be
gathered from that citation he uses at the end of his messages, he has
apparently bought into that "Black Athena" pseudo-science that wants to
trace classical culture essentially back to Africa.

I really don't know what course to take, but if he keeps sending stuff to
B-Greek and several other lists simultaneously,I suppose steps will have to
be taken. When he posted that misinformation about Greek a couple weeks ago
and cross-posted it to this list, it seemed to me that the misinformation
had to be corrected. I'm surprised he wasn't embarrassed then, but he's
continued to cross-post, and that, I think, is a very foolish thing for him
to do.

Well, I guess we need to be getting that FAQ finished up so we can get it
posted. I hate to lay all this on DJM's doorstep, but at present he's the
only one who can do anything. And by the way, thanks for that note about
your sending a copy of your Brooks & Winbery grammar to his wife; I think
I'll send my last copy of my dissertation as published, although its
subject matter (word-order patterns in Greek and Latin poetry) has no
interest, I'm sure, to either one of them.

So be it. Thanks for trying to talk/write "reason" to Tim.

Cheers, c