Re: Mt 2:22-23/Herod's Sons: questions for this list?

Eugene Baker (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 19:32:47 -0600

>Carl just delete the message if it doesn't apply to you! I do not see your
>email address as '' This list belongs to all of us,
>and many of us are on mulitiple lists! Quite honestly, I respect your
>scholarly replies to the ancient Greek of almost any text, but I think you
>have gone a bit too far as another MEMBER of this list.

"The gentlemen cry 'Peace, Peace' when there is no peace."
-John Henry
(Pat Henry?
Henry Aldrich?
Harry Morgan?)

Hey Carl,
Quit being so uppity with our resident troll. :)

Did you get that FAQ? I think TDD (why does he identify himself as a
service of the telephone company?) is simply hanging around to try to start
something. I recall an earlier post in which he wanted to put something to
a vote of the subscribers. Perhaps he thinks this is a mutual insurance

It seems that he insists on attempting to take the list away from the
stated purpose. Now I really don't mind the ivy league graffiti, or the
eisegesis of the stop sign (I printed that one out to share) but there is
something different about the questions from our friendly and peaceful

Perhaps this exchange is precisely the circumstance for which the b-Greek
staph (or was that "virus") was assembled. Now, how do we respond? Or is a
response necessary? I would venture a guess that his response indicates
that he is going to try for another coop de toddy. (I'm sorry, I can't help
it. It's some kind of learning disability or something.) Perhaps the most
effective response would be to drive him away with puns, malapropisms,
Spoonerisms, and the like. You notice that he never employs such figures of
speech - obviously the sign of arrested social development. Maybe if we use
his challenge as an occasion for levitation (oops) he will cyberslink away.

What did you think of the FAQ on trolls and flame wars?


Gene Baker
Sterling IL

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