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Carlton Winbery (
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 19:27:07 +0400

Edward Hobbs wrote;
>I was very pleased to learn that:
> (a) The slaughterhouse folk had been reading their King James
>Version of the Bible, and used it to form their technical terminology.
> (b) The NEB translators had not looked at the King James Version
>of Luke, but used slaughterhouse workers' speech as their English lexicon!
>I had always believed that it was W. H. Auden who thought up "fatted calf."
>Stories about Dodd have been told to me by Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones, emeritus
>Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford; none of them bear repeating, nor
>do his stories about his colleagues at Christ Church. But his stories are
>spell-binding! Sir Hugh seems to have rather liked Dodd, without that
>exempting Dodd from the barbed wit of a very great Greek scholar.
No doubt you are right about the slaughterhouse workers' reading the KJV.
I was surprized that when I was in England, the preferred translation in
most Baptist churches (I spoke somewhere almost every Sunday), including
New Roads in Oxford, was the RSV, not the NEB. I have always had a
preference for the RSV in reading publically.

John Morgan-Wynne, then Dean at Regents and University Greek teacher, had a
lot of stories to tell about Dodd. He sat with him in his home once Dodd
was bedridden. John was a research student then. He would sit in the next
room which was Dod's library and read until Dodd rang for him, which was


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