Re: More lore, please.

Jeffrey Gibson (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 16:01:39 -600 (CST)

One story passed on to me by George Caird abot C.H. Dodd (and also noted
by Dillitstone in his biography of Dodd) is how Dodd, the head of the
translation committee for the NT of the NEB - and chief translator of Gos
of John, came about to give the translation he does for the 200 denarii
in John 6. Apparently, Dodd rang up the bursar of his college at
"the other place" (let the non Oxfordians understand) and asked how
much it would cost in current currency to give a two sandwich
picnic for 5000. The answer that the bursar gave Dodd is what is found
in the text of the NEB.

Jeffrey Gibson