Re: Luke 2:14 EUDOKIAS and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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<x-rich>At 1:56 PM -0600 11/25/96, Stephen C. Carlson wrote:

>At 02:04 11/25/96 -0500, Jonathan Robie wrote:

>>How do I get the Greek text for excerpts from the Dead Sea Scrolls?


>You generally cannot, aside from a few fragments from Cave 7, because

>they were written Hebrew.

>>I would love to see the Greek text to which he refers. My Bible
doesn't have

>>a QH in it...


>If you Danker closely enough, you will find that he does not refer to

>Greek text. Instead, 1QH is the "Thanksgiving Hymns" from the Qumran

>Cave 1. Other texts from the cave are 1QS (The Manual of

>1QSa (the Messianic Rule), 1QM (the War Scroll), and 1QpHab (the


And just to piggy-back (I learned yesterday that the original form of
that term is "pick-a-back": is that news to anyone else besides me?)
onto Stephen's note: you can find further info, including, I believe, a
translation of the "Thanksgiving Hymns" at:

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