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Sat, 30 Nov 1996 12:38:44 -0800


At 02:39 PM 11/30/96 EST, Mark B. O'Brien wrote:

> This is exactly my point, actually... I have been led to understand that
> the Windows product is not as good as the Mac product, and that is my
> problem. I don't have a Mac, and I have no plans of getting one just so
> I can run the best version of Accordance, which leaves one with big
> decision regarding buying the Windows version of the software, if it is
> indeed second notch...

I've not used Gramcord, so don't know how it stacks up.

I've been using Bible Windows now since its beginning, and find that it does
absolutely everything I need from a Bible program. It gives me access to
the Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German and English texts, the Online Bible,
Strong's cross references, Louw and Nida's lexicon, the intermediate Liddell
and Scott, the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon, grammatical and string
searches of the BHS, LXX and GNT, string searches of the other texts,
concordance construction, etc. For those interested in using the TLG, it
shares a common interface with Silver Mountain's TLG software. There's
more, but that's enough to sell me.

The only thing that Accordance has over Bible Windows, as far as I know, is
quick access to some of the secondary literature--and I prefer books for
that anyway. For exegetes it's hard to beat Bible Windows.

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