Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

Gregory Bloomquist 3027 (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 15:50:49 EDT

I simply started with what was on the screen when I got to the
booth, namely, Heb. 5.11. I noted the POLUS HMIN construction, and
asked for POLUS (and forms) with other datives (pronouns, nouns, and
adjectives). (I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that even though HMIN
might not be directly related to POLUS -- this question, I would
assume, remains to be decided -- a search WOULD at least give me
proximity, IN CASE I wanted to explore the possibility.)

The search result was interesting: out of about 27 "hits", only two
or three -- I can't remember specifically -- were datives. The rest
were genitives, nominatives, etc.

Now, as I say, perhaps this initial request was formulated
incorrectly or the parametres needed to be modified, but the
presenter himself was left puzzled by the results. I do not wish to
read into the puzzlement something other than the obvious: the search
did not produce what we expected. Even Heb 5.11 didn't reappear in
our hit-list!

Theology, Saint Paul University / University of Ottawa