Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

Rod Decker (
Sun, 1 Dec 96 15:48:21 -0500

I've been determined to keep my mouth shut on this discussion, but...

In light of the comments below (and a few others that have been made), is
there _any_ other software on the market besides Accordance (and the
orig. DOS ver. of Gramcord--IF you write your own search query in a
text-editor--and indeed have learned the Gramcord search language and
syntax that enables you to do that) that will enable you to search for
_grammatical constructions/relationships_? E.g., can you find a Granville
Sharp construction? Apollonius' canon? Colwell's Rule? etc. Most can
search for lexical forms and some for inflected forms, but what about
grammatical relationships? If some can now do this, I am glad, but I
haven't seen it yet.

There are many more things that Accordance can do that I haven't yet seen
in other programs, but this, IMHO, is the crucial one for technical study.

And then this note that I just read:
> While the Gramcord didn't take
>that long to pull up the hits, BW found at least 70 more than

That is not a fair comparison: the reason BW foudn more hits is that the
search parameters were different: one allowed 4 interveaning words, the
other specified adjacent position. It is not legit. to say that BW is
therefore better (if I understood the various posts correctly).


>If you don't mind my asking, what were some of the basic searches
>you requested. I have been playing around with loading the
>morphological Greek bibles available into an SQL database
>and have been working up queries to test it's usefulness.
>- -lakr
>I've been using Bible Windows now since its beginning, and find that it does
>absolutely everything I need from a Bible program. It gives me access to
>The only thing that Accordance has over Bible Windows, as far as I know, is
>quick access to some of the secondary literature--and I prefer books for
>that anyway. For exegetes it's hard to beat Bible Windows.

Rodney J. Decker, Asst. Prof./NT Baptist Bible Seminary Clarks Summit, PA