Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

Philip L. Graber (
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 16:12:22 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Gregory Bloomquist 3027 wrote:

> I have been using BW in a more primitive form, I'm afraid, in our
> library and have been somewhat less than impressed. (So, too, with a
> primitive form of the TLG Workstation.) I am, however, impressed to
> hear of your pleasure with it. John Baima suggested we give the new
> version of BW and TLG Workstation a try. Do others confirm Paul's
> appreciation of the Silver Mountain products?

I can confirm it. I have licenses for both BW and Gramcord. I switched
to BW when I first upgraded to a machine that had Windows on it, and
Gramcord was still only available for GNT, and still only on DOS. I
needed access to BHS and LXX at the time. BW has come a long way since
then. I seriously doubt from what I've heard that any program besides
Gramcord can do what BW does with regard to searches, and BW does much
more for the same money in terms of acess to BHS, LXX, German and various
translations as well as the reference works Paul mentioned (Nida-Louw,
Middle Liddell, etc.). If you have not tried a recent version of BW, you
really should. The recent versions have made significant improvements.

For what I do with BW, I don't have a particularly good reason to go back
to using Gramcord consistently now, but if I switched to a Mac (I'm
tempted), I probably would go with Accordance and Gramcord.

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