Re: hOUTWS in John

Carl W. Conrad (
Wed, 4 Dec 96 08:31:10 EST

At 7:31 AM -0600 12/4/96, James H. Vellenga wrote:
>Just wanted to say a word of appreciation for your consistent
>efforts to be clear enough for those of us who need the instruction,
>and for taking the time to explain things rather than just
>referring us. And I appreciate your continuing reminders as
>to the things that we do not know for sure. You're very
>"teacherly" (DIDAKTIKOS).
>With respect and regards,
>Jim V.

Thanks very much for your note; there are times when I fear that I am writing in an authoritarian vein, and although I want to say as clearly as possible what I think the truth to be, I also want to be clear about the difference between an opinion with probable or possible validity and a fact for which there is reasonably solid evidence.

Regards, cwc