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In Van Voorst's Expanding Your NT Vocabulary (or similar title), he lists the
50 most common verbs with all six principal parts. What I give my students
includes that list as well as additions from the lists in a couple other
beginning grammars (most beginning grammars have a list of irregular verbs
somewhere). I get my students to memorize them by saying the six principle
parts (AGW, ACW, HGAGON, HXA, HGMAI, HXQHN) as well as writing them. I
learned the list alphabetically and can recite them, which I do mentally when
I come across a form that looks familiar. I also present quizzes with
miscellaneous forms and have them parse them. I started to make my own flash
cards, but gave up on that for the amount of work.

I can recommend Van Voorst, which lists words by word families in order of
frequency, as helpful in learning vocab, although it's still a struggle to
stuff words with definitions and no context into my brain.

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