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Alan Repurk (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 17:28:46 -0800

Bill Mounce wrote:
> >I'm trying to memorize scads of verb forms. What is the best way to do this?
> >
> >Jonathan
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> I guess my question is, "Why?" If you check the back of my textbook I have
> listed principal (or is it "principle," I can never remember) parts and
> underlined the ones that should be memorized rather than learning ALL the
> rules that apply. There really isn't that many.
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Bill, thanks for being part of this group. I am in the process of
trying to master your chart of verbs forms in the appendix.

I am 'on my own' so to speak, so perhaps a student with a teacher would
not have a problem.

1) There are some verbs that are not underlined which have changes which
must be memorized, at least I feel the need to. For example
the aorist passive of AKOUW. There is a sigma added before the the theta
of the tense formative. I cannot remember this if I do not memorize it.
Are these deviations a problem for me because I did not memorize the
rules well enough ?

2) There are many forms that do not appear in the chart because they
are not in the NT. I somehow feel obligated to know which ones these

Now as I write this I am beginning to understand where I have gone
wrong. I am trying to acquire the skill of being able to say
the chart from memory, at least when prompted with the lexical form.

It now dawns on me that I merely need to be able to recognize the
forms when I read them. I have to admit that I have been trying
to translate from English to Greek, like a conventional language.

I feel a bit self concious sending this now, but I will anyway so
that you can confirm or deny my conclusion.

Thanks, and I am really enjoying your book,