Re: How to memorize verb forms...

Carl W. Conrad (
Thu, 5 Dec 1996 18:52:06 -0600

At 7:28 PM -0600 12/5/96, Alan Repurk wrote:
>Now as I write this I am beginning to understand where I have gone
>wrong. I am trying to acquire the skill of being able to say
>the chart from memory, at least when prompted with the lexical form.
>It now dawns on me that I merely need to be able to recognize the
>forms when I read them. I have to admit that I have been trying
>to translate from English to Greek, like a conventional language.

Well, of course, if all you're trying to do is READ the GNT, recognition
skills are sufficient. BUT, if you want to write to your friends, win new
friends and influence people by COMPOSING in Greek, you'll need to know
those forms just as you know "be, was, been" and "go, went, gone"-- ;-)

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