Re: How to memorize verb forms...

Alan Repurk (
Fri, 06 Dec 1996 10:06:46 -0800

Carl, thanks for your insight on this. I find myself learning
the rules and not understanding them until I find the need
to figure out a form. For example, I learned all the rules
of contraction, and then started memorizing the contract
verbs forms. After I felt comfortable with knowing the
verb forms during repetitive listening to cassette tapes that
I record for myself I starting feeling the need to understand
why the endings contracted the way they did. Only then did
I have the interest necessary to really relate the rules to
the words.

I tried to memorize all the endings for verbs, primary, secondary,
active and passive and would retain them for maybe a few weeks.
However, I don't think I will ever forget LUW,LUEIS,LUEI,
LUOMEN,LUETE,LUOUSIN and I find myself using this as a crutch
when I need to check my endings.

For me it's catch 22. But I seem to be getting there. So I
guess my question is, does memorizing a verb paridigm in order
to remember the rules qualify for memorizing the rules ?

Kind Regards,