Re: Is Christ declared to be God in Rom. 9:5!

Alan Repurk (
Fri, 06 Dec 1996 11:35:42 -0800

Gary, I guessed I missed the comment that Bruce Metzger was the
driving force behind the decision. The following is from
the Metzger Commentary pages 520-522.

"... in the opinion of the majority of the Committee, none of
these considerations seemed to be decisive, particularly since
nowhere else in his genuine epistles does Paul ever
designate hO XRISTOS as QEOS. In fact, on the basis of
the general tenor of his theology it was considered tantamount
to impossible that Paul would have expressed Christ's
greatness by calling him God blessed for ever."

I believe that Bruce Metzger is a trinitarian and if he is
able to consider evidence objectively in an instance like this
I feel that it is to his credit.