Re: Is Christ declared to be God in Rom. 9:5!

Craig Abernethy (
Fri, 6 Dec 96 14:47:36 EST

So the New World "Translation" is just as good as the RSV?

--Craig Abernethy

>At 02:09 PM 12/6/96 EST, Craig Abernethy wrote:
>>Alan Rupark wrote:
>>>I believe that Bruce Metzger is a trinitarian and if he is
>>>able to consider evidence objectively in an instance like this
>>>I feel that it is to his credit.
>> Of all people, Jehovah's Witnesses like Alan and Lars (whose function on
>>this list is one of proselytizing) are in absolutely NO position to
>>comment on anyone else's objectivity. The largely fictional renderings of
>>the "New World" "Translation" (sic) bear that out. Bruce Metzger is a giant
>>in New Testament scholarship.
>Oh, please. Let's get this straight: I am objective, and you are biased
>because you have this position or that position. And you are in NO position
>to comment on MY objectivity, whoever you are and whoever I am. I'll call
>you names, and you can call me names, and someone else can jump in and call
>us both names, and then I can question your motivation, and you can question
>mine, and we'll all have lots of fun and learn a great deal in the process.
>Now we can argue this back and forth for 5 weeks and 70 messages, or we can
>just agree to go back to discussing the Greek text, which is what this list
>is supposed to be about.
>If we focus on the text, then *everybody* is forced to try to learn from the
>text, and *nobody* has the right to proseletize for their position unless
>they can show it in the text. The Bible can speak for itself.
>So let's get back to the text, please...
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