Greek Scholarship - German vs. American?

Wes Williams (
08 Dec 96 16:10:08 EST

I am unaware of the politics of this question, if in fact there is any. I will
therefore ask it forthrightly and consider ignorance as bliss.

I find that German scholars are not cited as frequently as American bred
scholars in American based books and schools. I suppose this is to be expected.
However, when researching specific subjects, I find that the German scholars
differ somewhat in their views (at times) than do American scholars. In view of
this, I find myself agreeing (at times) with the proofs set forth by a
particular non-American scholar, but these proofs get little publicity among
students of Greek in America.

Do any differences of a *general* nature exist between the approach of German
scholarship than that of American scholarship? I am not concerned if one is
considered better than another. I am merely interested in identifying the
differences so I can have the bigger picture (if one exists).

Wes Williams