Re: LXX better than MT?
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 18:16:20 -0500 (EST)

Discussion of this question would mean a lot to me. I recently
did an exegesis of Jeremiah 33:14-18, which does not appear in
LXX at all, only in the MT. To put the disussion in a little
wider frame, what books will help a beginner such as myself sift
through the history of different textual traditions? The abbreviations
at the foot of the page regarding specific manuscripts remain a
mystery to me -- how much of the story is "hidden" there? What
do we know about those 70 scholars in Alexandria? I find I am just
as interested in the story of ancient scholarship as I am in the
specifics of the grammar etc. Recommendations for books and articles?

Fred Guyette, Reference Librarian
Erskine College and Seminary