Re: Off-toic advice sought: looking for a new advisor

Don Wilkins (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 17:34:11 -0500 (EST)

At 9:28 PM 12/15/96, KEN LITWAK wrote:
>I'm seeking advice, primarily from the profs on this list regarding a
>difficult situation I find myself in. My doctoral advisor is going to
>leave my school and move to a school in Kentucky (and given that I
>support my family as a computer programmer, I'd say Kentucky is out).
>I'm focusing on Luke-Acts, and there's no one else at GTU that is
>interested in Luke-Acts to my knowledge. So I'd appreciate any wisdom
>on the subject of staying where I am even though there's no one in my
>area of interest (nor theological persuasion any more) or going
>somewhere else. What are the consequences of transferrng while in the
>coursework phase? Thanks.

This really is a sticky wicket, Ken. I may not be able to suggest anything
you haven't already thought of. First, when you say "to my knowledge", does
that mean there *could* be someone at GTU who could take over? You seem to
have compelling reasons to stay, one of which would be the academic
standing of GTU. I would think theological persuasion wouldn't necessarily
be a deal-breaker; you could probably agree to disagree in this area. Most
genuine scholars can appreciate legitimate differences of opinion and work
around them. Another (probably painful) possibility, since you are in your
coursework phase, would be to change your topic to something that would fit
in at GTU. This might not be as bad as you think. Sometimes a crisis like
this leads you to think of something that is better than the original idea,
and you wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside