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Vanetten.Edward (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 14:41:01 -0800

Luke 2:

1. Shepherds saw the "babe lying in a manger"
2. No star is mentioned
3. Shepherds would be very familiar with
changes in the heavens since they're
outside at night so much
4. Shepherds needed angels to tell them
Christ was born in Bethlehem and how
to recognize him. (vs 11,12)

Matthew 2:

1. Herod asked the wise men when they
last saw the star (v. 7)
2. Jesus is described as a "young child"
several times living in a "house"
(vs. 9,11,13,14)
3. Herod orders death of children 2 years
and under based upon what the wise men
told Herod when they last saw the star
(v. 16)
4. Wise men needed another celestial event to
tell them where Jesus was (v 9)

Conclusion: A year or two elapsed between
when the shepherds saw Jesus in the manger
and when the Wise men visited him in a house.

Ed Van Etten
Ontario, California