Re: Understanding John 3:16

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Sun, 22 Dec 1996 00:03:50 -0800

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>Secondly, I would ask if the Participle hO PISTEUWN is not the subject of
>the active subjunctive verb ECHi. If it is, the question must be asked if
>that means that only the one believes who will "have eternal life." In
>John's sense "believing" seems to be a precondition of being united with
>Christ or abiding in Christ as Christ abides in God.

I am not quite following you here, Carlton. Would you expound what you mean
my John's sense of "believing"? In context, I think I see what you mean but
I am not sure how you arrived at it grammatically.

Also, (this is now on a general note), in the phrase "EIv AUTON", how is EIv
being used here? It is definately not the same sense as if John had used EV
-- or is it? and if it is, what is the resulting sense of it then?
Porter's _Idioms of the GNT_ (page 152-3) suggests 4 options, all into
which this case does not seem to fit comfortably. Does someone have a
proposal here?

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