Re: historically informed interpretation

Somi Chuhon (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 00:03:39 -0800

>>Edward Lohse's _The NT Environment_ is a good resource to see some ways
>>that a knowledge of the historical and cultural setting of the NT produces
>>better translation. Another is Bo Reicke, _The NT Era_. One draw back is
>>that they sometimes chew up the data for the student and digest it.
>>Students need to be encouraged to do some chewing of their own. The only
>>way to do that is to read the primary sources and the NT in large chunks.

Boy, Carl, I REALLY like that last comment you make here concerning where
students whould be investing their time. We are all hoping that students
invest most of their time in the actual text but, as you have stated
concerning these books, we don't always promote it practically. Have we
perhaps taken some of the excitement of discovery out of reading by trying
to give them all the answers instead of guiding them along to discover it
for themselves? :)

Concerning the books here, are they making a clear argument fo the use of
"historical background" or do they just assume it? I have been on this
whole hermeneutical search since the beginning of this summer ( seriously,
at actually began 2 years ago) and many books that get I run into
make assumptions that historical beackground is necessary for
interpretation. Nevertheless, I will take a look at them and respond to you
when I get a chance to familiarize myself with their approach. (I only have
until Jan 13th to do so!). Thanks...
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