Adjectives for Adverbs
Mon, 23 Dec 96 18:14:39 MST

I know that at times adjectives are used to modify verbs. But is there
a general rule in the Koine that governs when an adjective is used to
modify a verb?

Luke 7:43 ORQWS EKRINAS "you judged CORRECT(ly)"
Gal 1:23 MONON DE AKOUONTES HSAN "they ONLY used to hear"

I remember reading something years ago about adjectives are used with
verbs of perception, but cannot remember where and cannot find it
again. The author may have tried to parallel the English use with
verbs of perception:

"I run WELL," and
"I am WELL,' but
"I look GOOD," and
"I feel GOOD."

Does this general rule also hold for Koine?

Wes Williams