Re: Adjectives for Adverbs
Mon, 30 Dec 96 12:02:57 MST

Carl wrote:
>>but it seems to me that this is a particularly murky area of syntactical usage
in both English and Greek.

Thanks for your comprehensive response, not overly much at all. I find it
somewhat of a mild irritation having to re-learn advanced English Grammar while
progressing onward into advanced Greek Grammar. It then causes me to wish I had
paid better attention to my monotone English instructors years ago while in
school. In fact, the biggest challenge by far that I've had learning Greek over
the past decade is re-learning English Grammar. A necessary irritation I've
found. Is anyone aware of an "Advanced English" newgroup that might be useful?

The two examples I posted were from Robertson's monolithic Grammar, p.659, under
the subheading "The Adjective as Adverb." I see that I mistakenly cited one
example he used as an adverb.

Thank you again. In the words of Shakespeare (Taming of Shrew, I, i, p.89),
"Thou didst it excellent."

Wes Williams