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(Pardon me if you already got this, but it never showed up on my bgreek
digests, so I thought it might have gone into the the cyber-twilight
zone...) (sure would be nice if you gave your name) asked

>(2) In that regard, I would like recommendations as to literature on
>Diagramming the GNT. I only have Richard P. Belcher; if that's enough,
>then just confirm it for me.

Dr. John Maclean (President of Michigan Theological Seminary) and I have,
between us, diagrammed all the Epistles of the NT (incl. Revelation). They
are (most at least) available from the GRAMCORD Institute (

Also available is a Manual which teaches diagramming inductively using the
book of Philippians as the basis (it starts with explanations and examples,
then the whole of a few verses; then the words begin to disappear--for
students to insert--and then the lines, and then finally everything.). I've
used this Manual with great success in my Syntax class for several years;
the Manual was written by John Maclean.

The diagramming method used is the one found in John Grassmick's _Principles
and Practices of Exegesis_ (Dallas Theo Sem); its more detailed than the method
you find in Tom Schreiner's _Interpreting the Pauline Epistle_; personally I
prefer--as you might have guessed--the more complex have to work
a bit more to learn it, but the benefits it brings the exegete far outweigh the
learning curve in my humble opinion.

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