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At 08:41 PM 12/26/96 -0700, Sean R. Durity wrote:
>Esteemed members of b-greek,
> I am a new (2 term) NT Greek student. I am interested in getting the
>Greek text (UBS 4th ed.) on my computer. I would like to be able to print
>out 1 John since we will be translating it next term. The term after that we
>will translate Mark. Can someone point me in the right direction? The only
>Bible software I currently have is Simila Soft's beta version of Ultimatum
>Pro. Thanks for any help.


If all you want is the Greek text on disk, it is available for free download
from several places on the net:

There is more information on this topic in the B-Greek archives. Search for
"http" or "internet".

If you want something more full-featured, there are lots of programs that
allow full searching capabilities. You can get free demos of at least some
of them. I use Bible Companion, which is the Windows program that Gramcord
also uses. You can download a free version with several translations and
Greek Textus Receptus at:

This is the engine for the commercial product, and can be upgraded with
commercial databases - e.g., you can add Nestle-Aland, modern translations,
Hebrew, commentaries, or the Gramcord search engine.

Other commercial products you might want to look at:

All of the above are Windows programs. If you are on the Mac, Accordance is
a wonderful program. You can get information on it at:

There was a discussion of such programs in November, and these messages are
available in the archives.

There used to be a comparison of Bible programs by Harry Hahne at the Chorus
web site, but Chorus has now been acquired by the Humanities Computing Unit
at Oxford, and their web site isn't available right now.

Hope this helps!


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