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Jonathan Robie (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 17:49:50 -0500

At 07:32 PM 12/27/96 +1100, David McKay wrote:
>27th December, 1996
>Sean is interested in getting the Greek text (UBS 4th ed.) on his

If that is all he wants, he should download the UBS 3rd edition text, which
he can find at either of the first two web sites I mentioned.

>I don't think you can beat BibleWorks, available from Hermeneutika. It is
>only available for IBMs and compatibles, but it is an excellent program. It
>is not cheap, but one of the big benefits is that it is designed for the
>Biblical languages student, and the creator (Michael Bushell) listens to
>users (via a discussion list like this one). He regularly updates the
>program, based on users' requests, and writes a weekly answer to queries
>from users.

Do you know their web site address? Do they have any kind of demo?


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