Re: EKAQEUDEN: Is Perseus wrong?

Jonathan Robie (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 15:19:48 -0500

At 02:50 PM 1/11/97 -0500, David L. Moore wrote:
>I think a more likely translation would be "lay down to sleep and
>began to snore."

The Middle Liddel says hRENKW means:
[0] to snore, Lat. sterto, Aesch., Ar.; of horses, to snort, Eur.

I can't find this word in BAGD. (Does this mean I really need to buy another
lexicon to read Septuagint? Or is this the time to consider buying LSJ?) I
remember Jesus getting upset in John and snorting like a horse, which is why
I thought he might be, er, *bawling* his eyes out, but lying down and
snoring also makes sense - quickly grabbing the nearest modern-language
Bible, I see that he went down and fell asleep in the modern German
translation of the Hebrew.

>Probably the "nu-movable" refers to the nu at the end of
>EKAQEUDEN which also may be written EKAQEUDE. I'll leave the matter of the
>preverb of KAQEUDW to those who have specialized in morphology, although
>I'll observe that the theta may substitute for the tau in varying
>pronunciations and spellings of some words.
> Oh, BTW, you mean "bawled," not "balled," don't you. :-)

I guess my morphology *is* weak. This is a word that lives in my oral
vocabulary, but I never thought about how to write it. You see, I favor
usage over etymology, and have read too many polysyllabic Anglo-Saxon texts,
which has completely destroyed my spelling skills...


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