Greek NTs from Bible Society

Andrew Kulikovsky (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 19:29:34 +0900

>One of my friends at ABS suggested in New Orleans that we should all >write to the president of the ABS and protest these price rises as >discouraging scholarly study of the the Bible in its original languages

Fellow Greeks,

For those of us living, working or studying in Australia (aren't we very
lucky :-)) the Bible Society in Australia has some great offers...

They are concerned that there is a lack of people studying the original
languages so if you are studying Greek full-time at a college or uni
with attendence classes, they will give the entire class a FREE GNT! Get
your lecturer to contact the Bible Society and make enquiries.

If you are studying part-time (like me) doing any course at a college or
uni (not necessarily Greek) you can get 5% discount. So the UBS4 GNT
with UBS dictionary costs $A45 ($US34.65) instead of $50 ($US38.50)


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