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Date:    Tue, 05 May 92 15:05 EST
From:    "Bart D. Ehrman"                            <BARTUNC@UNC>
To:      New Testament Greek                         <nt-Greek@virginia>
Subject: Metzger's *Text*

  I'm just now catching up on my E-mail, and I note with
interest N. Cramer's criticism's of the third edition of
Metzger's *Text of the New Testament.*  I agree whole-
heartedly with Nichael, but would like to inject that
so does Bruce Metzger.  He has told me that he actually
corrected the  page  proofs to provide such things as
cross referencing of the original text to the new appendix,
but the printers (he learned after the volume actually appeared)
inadvertently read his marginalia as comments to himself
(e.g. "See p. 168") rather than as instructions for
type-setting. (!)  He says they ignored his instructions
concerning typo's as well.
  And so the problems of transcription never die, even in
an age of machines capable of "flawless" reproduction.
  Bart D. Ehrman
  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill