Still on Rev. 1:6

Vincent Broman responds on Rev. 1:6

> I'm not so sanguine about Oliver Phillips's guess as to the scribal
> process responsible for "BASILEIS KAI IEREIS" vs "BASILEIAN IEREIS".
> While the latter has better MS support, from the viewpoints both of
> Aland et al and of Hodges/Farstad, the former reading would seem to me
> to be the "dificilior."

I beg to differ.  To the eye of a scribe--whatever we now may think--
--an abstract basilei/an followed by a concrete i(erei=j would have be
difficilior, if one understood the second as in apposition to the first.  Two
personal nouns, masculine, accusative, plural, joined by "and" would have been
facilior: basilei=j kai\ i(erei\j.

Oliver Phillips
Classics, U. of Kansas