online N26/UBS3

	There is an Online Bible program available through anonymous 
ftp at wuarchive.wustl.edu ( It is available in the 
directory /doc/bible. Check the README for current info. It is for 

	Briefly, the program is available (at that site) with the 
King James (AV) version, the American Standard, the Darby NT and the 
Webster NT. There is also a cross-reference module available. And 
there is a Greek NT module and a Hebrew OT module. The Greek NT has 
three versions on it, one of which is the UBS 3.

	If you wanted to do just a bare bones install to get the UBS, 
you will have to install the AV and the Greek module. It will take 
about 10 megs of hard disk space.

	The Online Bible is freeware. But it is a great program.

 en agape,