Re: Online bibles

I talked to James Akiyama on the phone once quite a while back.  He
was very busy, and said he was no longer sending floppies to individuals
asking since he didn't have time.  Still, he said he'd send me floppies,
and I could copy them and send them out to MailJC users (I think there
may have been some restrictions, but not many).

Anyway, I never got the floppies from him and didn't contact him again.
I don't know if anything has changed since then or not.

There was a posting on soc.religion.christian on sources for Bibles
that I think I included in MailJC at one time.  If you want a copy of
that, I can send it to you.  (It's about 24Meg and I'm not sure if you
want that much, especially if you have it aleady.)

Take care!

				- Liz