CCAT Texts (Info)


  Note: "tba" means material can be made available if there
        proves to be sufficient interest -- to be announced.

Item [assumes minimum order of $15.-]                       Retail
----                                                        ------
CCAT Text Utilities Disk [free with text orders]              5.-
CCAT Toolbox for Text Programming (code)                      5.-
CCAT CD-ROM OFFLOAD Program for TLG-PHI disks                75.-

Hebrew Bible (Michigan-Claremont BHS UBS)                    30.-
Greek Jewish Scriptures ("LXX" Rahlfs UBS)                   40.-
Greek New Testament (UBS 3rd ed)                             15.-
Greek NT Dictionary (UBS)                                     5.-
Latin Vulgate with variants (UBS)                            45.-
Latin "Jewish" Pseudepigrapha                           tba
Greek & Eng Paraleipomena Jeremiou (short & long)            10.-
Greek & Eng Laodiceans, 3 Corinthians                         5.-
Aramaic Targums (Ps-Jonathan, Neofiti, Job)                  15.-
Coptic/Sahidic Jewish Scriptures (selections)           tba
Coptic/Sahidic New Testament                                 15.-
Coptic Dictionary (Eerdmans)                            tba  10.-
King James (Authorized) Version with Apocrypha               45.-
Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha                      45.-
New Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha             tba    .-
Apostolic Fathers in English (Lightfoot-Harmer)         tba
Origen, Homily in Jeremiah 2.19ff (Gk Lat Eng)                5.-
Savonarola, On Psalm 50: Miserere mei Deus                    5.-

Parallel Hebrew & Greek Jewish Scriptures                    60.-
Hebrew Morphological Analysis                           tba    .-
Greek LXX Morphological Analysis                            105.-
Greek NT Morphological Analysis                              25.-

JBL Indices (1938-1988) & Westmin. Th. St. Index             15.-
Latin Word List (classical & biblical)                  tba
Milton, Paradise Lost                                   tba
Sanskrit texts (Rigveda, Bhagavadgita, etc.)            tba

                              USER DECLARATION

                           UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA
                Box 36 College Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303
                          telephone  215-898-1597/5827

     With regard to the texts and software it distributes, CCAT has
     made all reasonable efforts to insure that appropriate consent
     and permission has been obtained from copyright holders of
     published texts converted into machine-readable form as well as
     from producers of the electronic form, and thus that fair and
     permitted use of such materials does not constitute an
     infringement on copyright. Pertinent information is included in
     the documentation supplied with the electronic materials.

     In accepting the machine-readable materials and/or programs
     listed below, as distributed by CCAT, the recipient agrees to
     observe the following "fair use" provisions:

     (1) Not to use or make available these materials for
     commercial purposes without first obtaining the written consent
     of the owners/encoders;

     (2) To observe any special restrictions that may govern the use of
     particular texts or bodies of material as stipulated in the
     aforementioned documentation;

     (3) To control access to the supplied materials and require any
     other party to whom the recipient supplies any portion of this
     material to observe these conditions and to register a signed

     (4) When making formal public reference to the materials, to
     acknowledge appropriately the holder of the copyright to any
     published text that has been encoded as well as the encoder and
     the source from which the machine-readable form has been
     obtained, to the extent that these details are supplied in the
     aforementioned documentation (unless otherwise noted, CCAT is the
     legal owner of the software and documentation being distributed);

     (5) To report promptly to CCAT any errors discovered in these
     machine-readable materials or problems with the software.

     Signed and Dated: ______________________________________

     Name (printed)    ______________________________________

     Address           ______________________________________



     Texts   __BHS  __LXX  __GNT  __RSV  __KJV  __Other________________
     Format  __IBM/DOS  __KAYPRO/CPM  __ Mac __ Apple II  __Tape
     Software __CD-ROM Access from IBM/DOS (experimental release)

     ****From whom were materials obtained, if not directly from CCAT?
     _______________________________________________________     5/88

Secondary Distributors for CATSS/CCAT Texts and Utilities
[update 01 December 1990 rak]
Administered by CCAT External Services (Robert Kraft)
College Hall Box 36
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-6303
215 898-1597/5827
[the range of available materials is best described
 in the December 1990 release of information from
 CATSS/CCAT External Services (attached)]

Bible House, Inc. (Dennis Kelly)
901 S. Main (P.O. Box 1108)
Searcy AR 72143
501 268-9885
[most CATSS/CCAT texts for IBM]

CATSS Text Distributors (David Rech, Alan Humm, Jay Treat)
30 Overbrook Parkway
Overbrook Hills PA 19151
[all CATSS/CCAT texts, for IBM or Mac]

Dove Booksellers (Jeff Ball)
3165 West 12 Mile Road
Berkeley MI 48072
313 547-9659
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, for IBM]

Gamma Productions Inc./MultiLingual Scholar (MLS) (Linda Brandt)
710 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 609
Santa Monica CA 90401
213 394-8622
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, for MLS on IBM]

GRAMCORD Institute (Paul A. Miller)
2218 Northeast Brook View Drive
Vancouver WA 98686
206 576-3000
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, for IBM]

Hermeneutika (Mark Rice)
PO Box 98563
Seattle WA 98198
206 824-3927
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, alone or for Bible Word Program on IBM]

Nota Bene - Dragonfly Software (Steve Siebert)
211 Bergen Street
Brooklyn NY 11217
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, reformatted for NB on IBM]

Paraclete Software/MegaWriter (Charles Thrall)
1000 East Fourteenth Street, Suite 425
Plano TX 75074
214 578-8185
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, for MegaWriter on IBM]

PRES-TECH and Associates (Mac McKean)
P.O. Box 9862
Center Point AL 35220-0862
205 854-5482
[RSV for IBM, Mac, Apple II]

Silver Mountain Software/LBase (John Baima)
7246 Cloverglen Drive
Dallas TX 75249
214 709-6364
[most CATSS/CCAT texts, for LBase on IBM]

NOTE that CATSS/CCAT texts are also used by other
distributors under special arrangements, such as
Linguists Software for the Mac or various CD-ROM