UBS 3 (more)

Some observations on recent communications, just to keep
you aware of various situations as I understand them.

UBS 3 (and its predecessors) is a copyrighted text controlled
by the United Bible Societies (UBS). Permission has been granted
by UBS for an electronic form of this text to be distributed
under certain conditions (non commercial use, etc.). I doubt
that UBS has agreed to let the text circulate uncontrolled on
BBS or ListServers, and hope that those who use such text will
check to see whether they are expected to register in some way
or another (e.g. the CCAT distribution agreement permits free
copying in return for sending CCAT a signed user agreement, so
that if any questions are raised by UBS or anyone else, there
will be an accountability trail). If there is no requirement to
register, I suspect it is a bootleg text. So what? Well, in the
long run abuse of the agreements that have been established and
have been working fairly well thus far may lead to a curtailing
of some of the cooperation and freedom enjoyed thus far. Don't
bite the hands that feed. (The same observations apply to BHS.)

On the happier side, UBS has authorized distribution of a
UBS 3 (corrected) text in which the punctuation is standardized
to agree with Aland 26. I cannot vouch for 100% agreement, but
I think that is the aim. This "(corrected)" text was prepared
through CCAT and is being readied for distribution under the
usual terms (user agreement, moderate cost), from the usual
sub-distributors. As far as I am aware, the only differences
from the older UBS 3 are in punctuation.

Bob Kraft, UPenn and CCAT External Services