authorized distribution of UBS 3

Bob Kraft writes...

>UBS 3 (and its predecessors) is a copyrighted text controlled
>by the United Bible Societies (UBS). Permission has been granted
>by UBS for an electronic form of this text to be distributed
>under certain conditions (non commercial use, etc.). I doubt
>that UBS has agreed to let the text circulate uncontrolled on
>BBS or ListServers, and hope that those who use such text will
>check to see whether they are expected to register in some way
>or another (e.g. the CCAT distribution agreement permits free
>copying in return for sending CCAT a signed user agreement, so
>that if any questions are raised by UBS or anyone else, there
>will be an accountability trail). If there is no requirement to
>register, I suspect it is a bootleg text. So what? Well, in the
>long run abuse of the agreements that have been established and
>have been working fairly well thus far may lead to a curtailing
>of some of the cooperation and freedom enjoyed thus far. Don't
>bite the hands that feed. (The same observations apply to BHS.)

	There is a requirement to register the UBS. The following 
information comes from the documentation to Greek module of the Online Bible.

 en agape,


                            ONLINE GREEK:


                      Maurice A. Robinson, Ph.D.
             Department of Biblical Studies and Languages
              Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
                         7521 Matherly Drive
                  Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587
                            (919) 556-8337

                            1 August 1991


    Jesus stated in John 2:16,  "Do not make my Father's house a
    house of merchandise" (mh poieite ton oikon tou patrov mou
    oikon emporiou).  The following Greek New Testament data files 
    are released in the Online Bible format as Freeware by the 
    copyright holders and may NOT be sold for commercial profit:

                    Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus
                    Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus
                    1991 Byzantine/Majority Textform

    A small copying/distribution charge may be assessed for 
    these Greek New Testament files as distributed with or as 
    a supplement to the Online Bible, but even this fee must be 
    kept to a strict minimum.

    The legal owners of these Greek New Testament files retain for
    themselves all privileges of copyright including all rights to
    printed publication as well as storage in any database or
    information-retrieval system.  Specific copyright information
    is prefixed to the appropriate sections of this documentation,
    as well as in the file COPYRITE.DAT which accompanies each
    Online Bible Greek program and is displayed as part of its
    respective opening screen.

    Publishers of commercial products are specifically prohibited
    from including these files within a computer program,
    database, information retrieval system, or other package
    intended for commercial gain without making prior licensing
    arrangements with the copyright holders.



                     BEGIN CCAT USER DECLARATION

     N26/UBS3 Greek Text             Release 3.0 - 1 August 1991

                      University of Pennsylvania
          Box 36, College Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303
                    Telephone (215) 898-1597/5827

                           USER DECLARATION

   The Greek text of the New Testament according to the Nestle-
   Aland 26th edition/UBS 3rd edition included herein as part of
   the Online Bible software program has been extensively adapted,
   altered, proofed, and corrected by Maurice A. Robinson and
   Larry Pierce from a text conforming to that distributed by the
   External Services Division of the Center for Computer Analysis
   of Texts (CCAT) of the University of Pennsylvania.

   According to the license agreement issued by the CCAT, "these
   texts are only available for NON-COMMERCIAL personal/ scholarly
   and educational use, with the understanding that CCAT needs to
   maintain records of those to whom copies are distributed." Each
   recipient is therefore requested to "please sign the USER
   DECLARATION" given below, "and return it [to CCAT] for our files.
   An electronic copy . . . is included on your diskettes and should
   be used if you transmit any of this electronic material to anyone
   else."  All recipients of the Online Bible Nestle 26/UBS 3 text
   should therefore notify the CCAT in accordance with their license
   agreement, using the form provided below.  No further fee or
   consideration is required by the CCAT for this declaration.

   The CCAT additionally offers diskette-based ASCII texts for the
   Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, the Vulgate, the Targums, the
   Revised Standard Version, the King James Version, and the
   Apocrypha (KJV or RSV), along with other Biblically- related
   files.  Interested parties may contact the CCAT for a list of
   texts currently offered by them.


                            USER AGREEMENT

                      University of Pennsylvania
          Box 36, College Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303
                    Telephone (215) 898-1597/5827

   With regard to the texts and software it distributes, CCAT has
   made all reasonable efforts to insure that appropriate consent
   and permission has been obtained from copyright holders of
   published texts converted into machine-readable form as well as
   from producers of the electronic form, and thus that fair and
   permitted use of such materials does not constitute an
   infringement on copyright.  Pertinent information is included
   in the documentation supplied with the electronic materials.

   In accepting the machine-readable materials and/or programs
   listed below, as distributed by CCAT, the recipient agrees to
   observe the following "fair use" provisions:

   (1) Not to use or make available these materials for commercial
       purposes without first obtaining the written consent of the

   (2) To observe any special restrictions that may govern the use
       of particular texts or bodies of material as stipulated in
       the aforementioned documentation;

   (3) To control access to the supplied materials and require any
       other party to whom the recipient supplies any portion of
       this material to observe these conditions and to register a
       signed USER DECLARATION form with CCAT;

   (4) When making formal public reference to the materials, to
       acknowledge appropriately the holder of the copyright to
       any published text that has been encoded as well as the
       encoder and the source from which the machine-readable form
       has been obtained, to the extent that these details are
       supplied in the aforementioned documentation (unless
       otherwise noted, CCAT is the legal owner of the software
       and documentation being distributed);

   (5) To report promptly to CCAT any errors discovered in these
       machine-readable materials or problems with the software.

   Signed and Dated:   ____________________________________

     Name (printed):   ____________________________________

            Address:   ____________________________________



            Text: GNT (Nestle 26/UBS3 Greek New Testament)
                      Format: IBM/DOS Software

             The Greek New Testament, Nestle 26th edition
            (c)1979, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart

               The UBS Greek New Testament, 3rd edition
               (c) 1975, United Bible Societies, London

     The CCAT Greek New Testament materials have been extensively
        adapted, altered, proofed and corrected for non-profit
         personal/scholarly and educational use in the Online
          Bible format by Maurice Robinson and Larry Pierce.

      The present material was obtained from the legal owner of
        the Online Bible material: Timnathserah, Inc., R.R.#2,
                West Montrose, Ontario N0B 2V0, CANADA

     N26/UBS3 Greek Text             Release 3.0 - 1 August 1991