Re: Online Bible

From: peb@pine.pine.dk (Per Baekgaard)

	I'm cc'ing this reply to you to Mark Fuller. By way of 
introduction, Mark is the man who has made the Online Bible available 
on the server at WU. Mark is also working on the scans for the new 
version 6 of the OLB. His email address is acus10@waccvm.corp.mot.com
He knows the author of the OLB, and is working with him, and he will 
be better able to answer the questions that you have.

	I met Per Baekgaard (peb@pine.pine.dk) on the nt-greek list 
that I am on. He has a few questions on the OLB that I feel more 
comfortable directing to you. He wrote to me today, and I am including 
his letter below.

 en agape,


Thank you very much for the information you provided concerning the
Online Bible. I have acquired a version with Gk/Heb and KJV and ASV, as
well as the lex's and notes. Works great!

In fact, it works so great that I would like to use that instead of the
other Electronic Bible that I would otherwise have used (a commercial
product - seemingly containing more errors than the OLB).

You seem to know and be using the OLB - so maybe you could help me with
the following questions. If not, you could maybe provide a pointer to
somebody that knows; preferably an email address (e.g. to the authors)?

[I doubt this has the interest of the other NT-GREEK readers, hence the
email directly to you.]

- I would like to use the NIV and/or RSV versions in addition to the
  aforementioned ones, preferably the combined ones (easier to switch
  between the translation and the AV verse-by-verse, I assume).

  It appears to me that the RSV version is from CCAT as well, and should
  be distributable like the UBS and BHS versions. It is, however, not on
  the wuarchive.wustl.edu archive. From the distribution fees it looks
  like it is 'freely' distributable ($9 is the price difference from the
  AV package and the AV/RSV one).

  I have heard that it is possible to hold an electronic NIV bible if
  you ask for permission from the copyright holders. It could be,
  however, that whenever the OLB is 'sold' with the NIV, the copyright
  holders should have a small royalty (around $20) - it looks so, again
  by comparing the prices of the packages.

  Do you know how I can get hold of one of these version (including RSV
  and/or NIV)? I know I can get them from one of the distributors, but
  as I have already got the rest of the package, I just need one or two
  additional disks - which they may not be prepared to send without me
  paying for all the floppies. Even having to pay a small amount in
  foreign currency could be quite expensive - it is quite expensive to
  buy a bankers note in e.g. $$'s here in Denmark.

  Would it be possible to get it by email or FTP from somewhere (saves a
  lot of time and costs)? Maybe this could be done for the RSV, but not
  for the NIV version?

- Do you know anything about the token/index format being used to encode
  the texts? I wonder whether it would be possible to integrate a Danish
  bible with the set. It may not be freely distributable (the Danish
  Bible Society may require a fee), but it would be worth looking into
  (for us Danes, at least).

  A new Danish bible is being released in a few months, and I'm sure
  they have an electronic version (they use it internally at least).

  I know it may require some work, but it would be an interesting task
  to undertake, provided I can get hold of the format being used and
  possibly the originators own tools for preparing the texts [I'm make a
  living of working with computers and programming, so I have plenty of
  tools, machines and compilers available here in our company].

Thanks a lot if you could help on any of these issues.

Thanks again for your pointer to this program; indeed it is a great

In Christ,

-- Per.

Per Baekgaard, Pine Tree Systems, Denmark
email: peb@pine.dk   or   ...!mcsun!dkuug!pine!peb